Hout Bay

4 Little Lions Head Rd.  
Hout Bay 7806


The following masseuses provide massages at this location:

My name is Aurora. Do you want what you can’t have? For most, we want what tends to be the farthest from reach. And what is further from reach than an exotic, priceless jewel like me? I am so rare, it is impossible to place me. With my Indonesian genetics, porcelain beauty and extremely youthful appearance - it’s understandable to imagine me in Japanese Schoolgirl Cosplay. I’d fit right into that description without any disagreement.

Do the pictures of massage therapist Asher not tell enough?

Alison is temptation at her finest. Release your inhibitions and surrender yourself to the sinfully intimate touch of Alison's sensual massage. She will  make the rest of your world disappear.

Hello I am Rose,

I am here to ease you, relax you, and make you happy. It is that simple. I am gentle, but also full of fire when the situation calls for it!

In general, I am available during weekdays at the venue. Whether it's a lunchtime break from the office you're after or a morning pick me up to kick off your day, I'm your woman. Whatever your situation calls for, I am the sensual massage therapist for you.


My rates are:

Damon can stir your soup...

My name is Jordan,

I provide a sensual massage exclusively for men. By the way, Management does not agree with my cup size. They claim it is understated. You tell me!

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